2nd graders host annual Fairy Tale Ball

Accompsett Elementary School’s second grade classes hosted their annual Fairy Tale Ball this Wednesday. Parents were invited to attend the Ball where they enjoyed singing, dancing, storytelling, and the celebration of children’s literature. Students and teachers entertained in costume, making it a truly magical experience.  After the performance, parents accompanied their children back to their …

Math Fun Night.Slide

Math Fun Night at HS East

Smithtown High Schools Present a Pixar Themed Math Fun Night For students in grades 4 – 8 At Smithtown High School East Date: March 25th Time: 6:30-8:30pm Free food, prizes, and the chance to win a TI-Nspire Calculator Please bring a non-perishable food donation Students must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Math …


Dinoman at Accompsett Elementary School

Life-sized dinosaurs took over Accompsett Elementary’s gymnasium Wednesday morning. Mr. Bob Lisaius, better known as “DinoMan,” took Accompsett’s second grade classes on a journey through the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras.  During their travels, they learned about dinosaurs and the process of becoming a fossil.

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Kindergartners celebrate Dr. Seuss

Kindergarteners at Accompsett Elementary School celebrated the birthday of one of the greatest children’s writers in history- Dr. Seuss. Students celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with fun interactive activities which allowed them to look like some of their favorite characters! They also had the opportunity to read some of their favorite books written by the author.