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BBE visits AEL for Chess Tournament

Branch Brook Elementary School students recently visited Accompsett Elementary School for their annual Chess Tournament. With the help of Mr. Shivokevich, the Chess Club supervisor at Accompsett, and Mr. Belyea, the Chess Club supervisor at Branch Brook, this event was made possible.


5th grade students attend Math Tournament

  On Tuesday, May 27th, five exceptional fifth grade students from Accompsett Elementary School had the opportunity to participate in the Suffolk County Math Tournament held at Stony Brook University. Under the direction and supervision of fifth grade teacher, Mr. Rogers, the Accompsett team put their math skills to the test!


Master Myachi visits Accompsett Elementary

Myachi creator, “Master Myachi”, visited Accompsett Elementary School to demonstrate this new game to all grade levels. Myachi (mee-ah-chee) is a skill toy that combines the fluid motions of martial arts with the old-school fun of footbag by utilizing every part of the body except the palm of the hands. There are thousands of tricks …


5th graders perform “Attitude” at AEL

Led by Mr. Shivokevich, Accompsett Elementary School’s fifth grade students wowed audiences with their performance of “Attitude.” The class of 2014 delivered an important message about maintaining a positive attitude through song, dance, and the showcasing of their athletic capabilities.


Accompsett’s 3rd Grade Celebrates Heritage Day

On Wednesday, May 7th, students at Accompsett Elementary School celebrated Heritage Day. Family and friends gathered in the gymnasium for a worldly performance presented by their third grade classes. Following the performance, families accompanied the students to the cafeteria where they shared in a cultural feast. Students also had the opportunity to investigate into their …