Heritage Day at Accompsett Elementary

To culminate the Immigration Unit, third grade students at Accompsett Elementary participated in their very own Heritage Festival, this May 27th.  All of the children took part in a special performance, as well as shared their family’s history, culture, and special foods.   It was a wonderful and worldly experience for all who were involved!

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Accompsett Students get “WILD” with Nature Nick!

On Wednesday, May 20th, Accompsett Elementary welcomed a very special guest; animal expert, Nature Nick. Students K-5 were introduced to many different animals including a monkey, snake, and even a kangaroo! As the animals were presented, Nature Nick provided interesting facts about their ethological background. He also made sure the express the importance of understanding …


Simple Machines with Accompsett’s Third Grade

On Thursday, May 7th, Accompsett third graders learned all about simple machines. The Simple Machines event was a hands on program where the students worked together in stations to experiment with and answer questions using different types of simple machines.The stations they worked with were inclined planes, pulleys, wheels and axles, screws and wedges.  They …


First Grade Celebrates Family Day at Accompsett Elementary

On Friday, May 15th, Accompsett first graders celebrated “Family Day.” Each student had the opportunity to invite a special person for the day. The students and their guests rotated around the first grade classrooms, participating in a different interactive activity in each room. Activities included, “Math Games,” “Family Crests,” “Family Trees” and a “Hands and …


Accompsett Teachers Scoop Ices for a Cause!!

On Thursday, May 14th, Accompsett students saw their teachers take on a new role outside of the classroom; “scoopers” for Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices! The line was out the door as students and friends eagerly waited to be served their delicious treat from these familiar faces! 20% of profits made during the fundraiser went to …


Accompsett Elementary’s first Reading Reunion!

On February 12th, Accompsett students had their first Reading Reunion. For this event, grades 1-5 returned to their classroom from last year and had a story read to them by their former teacher. Kindergarten students were read to by our fifth grade teachers and new students were read to by our special area teachers. It …

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